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Arrival Card and Customs Declaration Form


Arrival Card and Customs Declaration Form


All arriving passengers are required to complete forms for quarantine, immigration and customs clearance. These forms are handed out on board and are also available at the airport. Passengers are advised to complete the forms while on board to expedite the clearance process.


You need to fill in all the information by English. But you can write down your name and Nationality in Chinese~ Please be careful that the “Address in Korea” should be the address of your hotel or if you will live in your friend’s house. Please ask you friend to get the address in English first~

Telephone number must be Korea number. If you don’t have it, you can just write down the phone number of your hotel or if your friend has Korea number, you can also write on it too.


Arrival Card (Sample)




And this one is Customs Declaration Form. It has 2 pages. First page you need to fill in your personal information. If you come to Korea alone, then you can write “0” on “Persons”



The most important thing is “Countries visited on this prior to entry to Korea”. If you stay in China before, just write down China. But if you have visited other countries, then you need to write the name of the countries on 2 and 3. If you didn’t bring anything that is need to declaration, you only need to fill in the first page. If you bring somethings that need to declaration, you need to write down what is it on page 2. (The goods that need to declaration already write on the paper, check it if you have time on the plane)

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