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How to buy a subway ticket


How to buy a subway ticket


How to buy a subway ticket

First, this is the photo of Korea Subway entrance. It has written the exit number, the name of the station, and the number of the line~

For example, you can see check this is Line No. 6, Hangangjin station, exit no. 1. They also

include Chinese, so no need to worry even you cannot speak Korean~

This is Ticketing Vending and Card Reload Machine.

You can buy one way ticket here. Or if you have already bought a T-money card, you can also add money by this machine.

Machine provided in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese~

Choose “Chinese” and press “Destination”. After that the screen will appear "Search by section" in the bottom of the right corner. Press and after it show out a Subway map, then you only need to choose the name of the station is okay.

Put the cash in the ‘insert bills here’ part. If you want to put 50,000won, your transaction should be more than 30,100won~ You will get your ticket from “Ticket Vending and Card Reload” on the right-hand side of this photo.

The basic fare is 1,350won and 500won deposit fee, (Don’t forget to return the card after you arrive the destination) so that the minimum price for the one-way ticket should be 1,850won.



And then you can place the card on the sensor and after you hear ”Bi”, then you can go inside.


After you arrive the destination, you should go to the ‘Deposit Refund Machine’ to return the card

and get the refund.

* Be attention that only for those one-way ticket can get the refund. (If you use T-money card, no refund can be get)


Insert the used subway card where the arrow is in above picture. Then, you will receive 500won with a coin.

There is also another transportation card which is called T-money card. The benefit for this card it you can get discount for 100won every time when you travel transport. That means if the price is 1,350won and if you pay by T-money card, the price should be 1,250won.

Also, there is discount for traveling subway and bus. (Some time is free for it too). Compare with one-way ticket, T-money card is economical. To purchase a T-money card, use one of the T-money machines or go to the counter at any convenience store and ask for the card. (2,500won)

If you want to recharge you T-money card, you can choose one of machines.

Every time when you want to recharge you T-money card, you can choose to recharge 1,000/2,000/3,000/5,000/10,000/20,000/30,000 or 50,000won. You can get a refund on the balance remaining on your card from the convenience stores (Ex. GS25, Family Mart, Mini Stop, etc) that sell them for up to 20,000won. They will retain 500won.

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